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"First Steps" lace-up boot

Dhs. 195.00
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"First Steps" lace-up boot from Angulus.

Materiels: Leather with lacquer

Color: Dark Navy 

Sole: Natural colored crude rubber with white sticking.

Starter shoe with constrict, lace and a flexible crude rubber sole. The shoe goes to the ankle and supports the foot very well. We recommend  a grow surcharge on 1,2 cm in the starter shoe. Produced in 100 % skin and natural materials.

Inside measurements:

Size 18: 10,9 cm                         Size: 22: 13,6 cm

Size 19: 11,6 cm                         Size 23: 14,3 cm

Size 20: 12,2 cm                         Size 24: 14,9 cm

Size 21: 13 cm                            Size 25: 15,3 cm


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