Tumbling Time

bObles Tumbling Furniture are a very popular danish design. To let your child grow with bObles, is a unique opportunity to develop the motor skills during fun and play.

There are unlimited possibilities in the way you can use bobles in the daily living, to play with and to improve your childs body awareness. The product is aimed at children of all ages from the very newborn baby lying on the stomach to the bigger child trying learning to explore, and anything in between. Even the parents can use the bObles and they will love to have this Tumbling Furniture displayed in the livingroom, because of the estetic design and bright colors.
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bObles Chicken - Green
bObles Chicken - Pink
bObles Chicken - Pink
Dhs. 150.00
bObles Donut (small) - Candy
bObles Donut (small) - Dark Jade
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bObles Donut (small) - Green
bObles Donut (small) - Grey
bObles Donut (small) - Light Purple
bObles Donut (small) - Pink
bObles Donut (small) - Red
bObles Donut (small) - Rose
bObles Donut (small) - Turquoise
bObles Donut (small) - Yellow

32 results

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