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bObles Elephant - Green

Dhs. 580.00

bObles Tumbling Furniture elephant is a modern classic. The amazing tilt-function when sitting in the middle of the elephant helps small children how to use their bodies. For the bigger kids it is possible to stand on the elephant's two side and tilt from on side to the other. Other of fun and learning with the elephant. 

To let your child grow with bObles, is an unique opportunity to develop your child's motor skills through fun and play.

The same bObles Tumbling Furniture can challenge both the very newborn and the bigger child, which makes it very special. 

The different bObles Tumbling Furniture used together, gives your child many options, such as obstacle courses or just another function. Only your creativity limits the use of bObles.

bObles Tumbling Furniture is produced in solid EVA-foam with a soft surface, which is easy to clean with water. The material is light and the edges are rounded so it does not leave any marks on the floor. bObles Tumbling Furniture are tested especially for children and is free of toxin and phthalates.

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